Mako Air Compressor

This compressor is used to fill our SCBA ,(Self Contained Breathing Apparatus), bottles as well as our neighboring district's and community's. We can fill 4500 psi., 2216psi, and SCUBA used for underwater diving. With an adaptor hose we also refill air storage systems on Vehicles like Crash Rescue Squads.


We have 14 4.5 SCOTT SCBA packs with a spare bottle for each, these packs are mounted in our apparatus seat making for a quick and easy way to don them. They are all equipped with a built in PASS device that goes into alarm if a firefighter becomes incapacitated or gets trapped. Other feature they have are HUD (Heads Up Display) built into the masks, and voice amplifiers to make communications easier.


We have two Thermal Imagers, there is a Bullard carried on the dog house of Quint 1 with a spare battery on charge. And on Engine 6 there is an MSA on the dog house with a spare battery on charge as well. The Thermal Imagers are use to seek out personnel in burning structures, hot spots that could be hidden in partitions, ductwork, electrical panels, even people lost in the woods at night.