Hopkins Hill Fire Division

The Fire Division of Hopkins Hill Fire Department provides state of the art fire suppression services for structure, vehicle, and wood and brush fires.

We are considered to be one of the most progressive fire departments in Rhode Island.

We actively promote fire prevention and fire safe behavior, and, in conjunction with the Fire Marshal and other department personnel, conduct many educational programs in the area and provide fire prevention inspection services.

Based on training, testing and certification, firefighters are grouped into two skill classifications, Firefighter I and Firefighter II.

All thirty Hopkins Hill Fire Division personnel are trained to Firefighter I, fully qualified firefighter level. In addition, ten of these firefighters are trained to the advanced level of Firefighter II, which requires a deeper understanding of fire fighting science and on site command issues

Training and specific skills required to attain these proficiency levels which are as put forth by the National Fire Protection Association, which sets standards and procedures for fire departments nationwide, and the State of Rhode Island.

Detailed information on Firefighter I and Firefighter II capabilities and training is available through the links below:

Information on becoming a firefighter is available in the Join Us section of this site.


In the spring of 2006 2 firefighter went to a live fire training involving different types of chemical and fuel fires. The trainings where held at the University of Reno in Elko, Nevada . Two more firefighters went in December and there are others listed to go in the future. The trainings were paid for by the Federal Government, Dept. of Homeland Security. Here's a couple of pictures so you can see what fun they had.