Rescue Division

The Rescue Division of Hopkins Hill Fire Department through our highly qualified EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) staff, provides around-the-clock Advanced Life Support Emergency Medical Services.

Our areas of responsibility are to:

  • Respond to emergency calls
  • Provide emergency transport with ongoing life support activities
  • Provide patient assistance services such as a home bound patient has fallen and cannot get up, etc.

The EMS staff consists of The Assistant Deputy Chief, a Captain and a Lieutenant. The department currently has 16 EMT-Cardiac, 11 EMT-Basic and several personnel in EMT-Basic training.

Our Rescue Vehicle is Advanced Life Support (ALS) certified by the RI State Department of Health, capable of delivering the latest state of the art medical support.

Hopkins Hill Rescue personnel are also fully trained in Comfort One program procedures located in the Services section

With the ability to respond to everything from simple cuts to chest pain and childbirth, the "Rescue" is your first line of emergency medical assistance.

Rescue Vehicle:

The "Rescue" is a 2016 International Terrastar with Advanced Life Support capabilities. In addition to the equipment listed below, the "Rescue" is equipped with  cellular phone capabilities to communicate vital information to hospitals, etc. Rescue 6 is able to monitor your heart while sending a live feed to the hospital which allows them to plan there heatlh care prior to the rescue arrival at the door. Saving time and lives.

It is equipped with, among other items: