Fire District

What is a Fire District

A Fire District is an entity created to provide for fire protection, suppression and rescue services. In the Hopkins Hill area of Coventry, the responsibility of the Fire District also includes the costs of street and roadway lighting and rental and maintenance of fire hydrants. (Click on underlined words for information about these services.)

An Act of the State Legislature created the Hopkins Hill Fire District and detailed the responsibility, authority and certain procedures in addition to the geographic area the District encompasses. The Act also allows the District to impose taxes to fund the activities of the District and its entities, such as the Hopkins Hill Fire Department.

This section of the Hopkins Hill Fire Department web site is intended to provide an overview of the Fire District. Further information on aspects of the District are available by way of the Navigation Bar on the right.

Executive Committee

The governing body of the Hopkins Hill Fire District is the Executive Committee. The term "District Board" is occasionally used but they are both the same entity.

The makeup is detailed in various sections the Legislative Act which created the district. A brief overview of those portions is provided here.

As is stipulated in the enabling legislation:

  • There are seven members of the District Board
  • They must be qualified electors of the Hopkins Hill Fire District
  • They are elected by the taxpayers of the Hopkins Hill Fire District
  • They are elected for a one year term
  • Vacancies of less than six months may be filled by the Board
  • Vacancies of longer than six months require a special meeting at which taxpayers in the District elect a replacement

Current Members of the Executive Committee 2023-2024 ALL SERVING FOR A 1 YEAR TERM

  1. Pierre Rondeau-----Moderator
  2. Kenneth Burdick-----Vice-Moderator
  3. Carol Dion-----Clerk
  4. Carly Moore-----Treasurer
  5. Denise DeGraide-----Head Tax Assessor
  6. Denise Brown-----Tax Collector
  7. Jason Cole-----Member at Large

Enabling Legislative Act

Brief overviews of portions of this legislation is provided in other pages of this section. To insure accuracy and allow the reader full information on the topic, we have presented here the entire legislation, exactly as given to us.

The Legislative Act is divided into sections as follows. 

  • Section 1. Establishes geographic boundaries of Hopkins Hill Fire District
  • Section 2. Defines qualifications to vote on District matters
  • Section 3. Stipulates Annual Meeting and allows for special meetings
  • Section 4. Sets requirements for composition of the governing body
  • Section 5. Confers the authority to levy taxes to fund the activities of the Fire District
  • Section 6. Sets the requirement to establish and maintain suitable fire fighting equipment and station
  • Section 7. Gives the Fire District the authority to maintain order at a fire scene, under penalty of law
  • Section 8. Permits Fire Chief or other person in charge, to raze building(s) to stop the progress of the fire and to reasonably compensate building owner
  • Section 9. Permits Fire District residents to enact by-laws necessary to carry out the provisions of the act
  • Section 10. Limits indebtedness of Hopkins Hill Fire District corporation
  • Section 11. Voids any section of the legislation which is in conflict with RI General Laws
  • Section 12. Sets effective date of legislation