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Probationary Firefighter Training

Probationary firefighters undergo thorough training to a minimum national standard in general areas of knowledge.

Regular training sessions are conducted each Tuesday at 6:30 PM. As a probationary firefighter, you should plan on spending additional time at the fire station.

You will learn everything you need to complete your probationary firefighter training goals from our well-trained and professional fire officers.

After you successfully complete your probationary requirements, you may be appointed as a Call Firefighter. As such, you will be able to respond to fires and emergencies on the fire apparatus (vehicles). You will even be eligible to receive money for the emergency calls to which you respond. Until then, however, you may not respond to a fire emergency.


Firefighting is Spelled T-E-A-M

Remember, even if it seems like a lot of things to learn, we will train you. Just about everything we do in the fire service is done as a TEAM. You will learn, train, and work as a member of a team of highly trained and dedicated professionals.

Your initial training will concentrate on these general areas:

  • Department Orientation
  • Communications
  • Fire Site Operations

After successfully completing all required training, a Probationary Firefighter must pass a test given by the RI State Fire Marshal’s Office to receive Firefighter I certification.

Department Orientation

  • Department organization
  • Department procedures and rules
  • Communications procedures
  • Effective use of communications equipment
  • Roles of other organizations
  • Members assistance program
  • National Fire Protection Association Occupational Safety and Health Program.


  • Department communications equipment
  • Fire communications networks procedures
  • Proper and effective use of communications equipment

Fire Site Operations

  • Personal and unit safety
  • Safe and effective use of equipment
  • Basic fire fighting procedures
  • Fire suppression and control
  • Classes of fires, etc.